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Phoenix, Arizona

Military with PTSD


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Ryan Tree is raising the bar in 2017. We are hard at work recording our second full length album The Tragic Hours at Premier Studios in Phoenix, Arizona. Grammy Award-winning Producer & Recording Engineer Jeremy Parker takes the lead with a vision to redefine the independent scene. We have also wrapped production on our fifth music video & short film "LEGACY". We are excited to be working with talented Director Ryan Henry Johnston of Art of War Pictures and the post-team at BT Productions. (Continue Reading)

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Set in the year 2166 in the barren wasteland that was once Earth, the planet's only remaining human inhabitant, Kale, discovers a godlike entity that has fallen from the sky in the form of a beautiful woman. Together they embark on a quest through the merciless desert, battling vicious predators along the way.

​Directed by Ryan Henry Johnston

DP/Producer: Brian Tooker
Producer: Robyn Sturgis

Executive Producer: Ryan Tree
Starring: Aria Song, Rio McDowell

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