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The Band

Jeremy Parker
Michael Valentino - Bass
Kevin McElvain - Drums
Jon Weil
Ryan Tree

​Jon Weil

Having been a guitarist for almost 25 years, Jon knows exactly what it is like to be on the “other side of the glass”. On top of that, he has been recording, mixing and mastering bands for over 15 years. After many years of recording and mixing out of his (and others’) homes, Jon was asked to engineer at Uranus Recording of Tempe, owned by Robin Wilson. Little did he know that it was for international heroes Gin Blossoms and that his excellent work would make him Chief Engineer from 2010 until its recent closing in 2015. Jon took this opportunity to expand his skills, while also starting to realize that it was the mixing and mastering that he REALLY excels at.

The thing that really makes him stand out from other mixing and mastering engineers is his personality. Strong communication and treating clients fairly is also a strong point. Jon is the type of guy who really cares about the details. He is the one who reads gear manuals front to back. He is the one making sure the lighting in the studio is perfect for the artist. He cares about EVERYTHING, but first and foremost he cares about the artist’s happiness. When left to mix and master, his engineering truly shines above the rest and all the years of experience and experimentation show through the brightest. Jon has said, “Knowing the rules in audio engineering is important, but knowing how and when to break them is what really makes something special.” The proof is in his work.

Nick Medlock - Guitar, Piano

Michael Valentino - Bass

Nick Medlock - Guitar / Piano

Kevin McElvain - Drums

​Jeremy Parker

Jeremy Parker is a Phoenix based audio juggernaut known for making records with some of the largest rock bands in the world (Disturbed, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Godsmack). Additionally, Jeremy actively records and develops independent artists. Premier studios in Phoenix, AZ is the primary recording studio that Jeremy works from. Jeremy began his career in the music business as a staff engineer at legendary NRG Recording in North Hollywood, CA, working alongside industry powerhouses Terry Date, Don Gilmore, Jay Baumgardner, Ross Hogarth, Rick Rubin and more. Jeremy quickly won praise and recognition as an Engineer after the phenomenal success of the Grammy winning album “Fallen” by Evanescence. Jeremy engineered the 8 million+ selling breakout Evanescence album “Fallen” as well as 2x Platinum #1 Billboard Evanescence album, “The Open Door”. 

Other engineering highlights: #1 Billboard Slipknot “All Hope is Gone”, #1 Billboard, Disturbed “Asylum”, #1 Billboard Godsmack “Oracle”, #2 Billboard Mudvayne “Lost and Found”. Other notable artist Jeremy has engineered records for include Trivium, Device, Simple Plan, Art of Dying, Otep, Boy Sets Fire. Jeremy has also forged a successful career producing and/or mixing for independent artists as well as label acts.

Ryan Tree

Ryan Tree is a singer/songwriter, filmmaker, philanthropist and animal welfare activist from Phoenix, Arizona.

Ryan learned how to play the guitar in high school by studying Green Day tabs and practicing on a classic Fender Stratocaster. He discovered his passion for singing/songwriting while living in Hong Kong, where he bought his first acoustic guitar. Ryan found that he could use music to tell stories and share his experiences abroad.

graduating from Syracuse University in 2009, Ryan spent the following summer writing and recording a demo of over 16 original songs using his home studio. His new obsession with music led him to Montreal, Canada, where he was picked up as lead vocalist for the alternative metal band Unfixed.

Between 2010 - 2012, Unfixed gained a notable following throughout Quebec. The group produced a rock-solid EP album and performed at Montreal’s most revered venues, including an anniversary show at Club Soda alongside Reset, former band of Simple Plan.

In 2012, Ryan returned to the Arizona music scene as a solo artist by releasing his debut single "White Lights". In July of 2013, he backed the single with a post-apocalyptic zombie music video starring pro UFC fighter Seth Baczynski and his son Skyler. The video received over 20,000 views on YouTube within the first few months.

Ryan continued his AZ career by teaming up with Chief Engineer Jon Weil and Assistant Engineer Michael "Fearless" Gilbert at Uranus Recording of Tempe, a studio owned by Robin Wilson, lead singer of Gin Blossoms. In 2014, Ryan released his debut album Illusions.

In December of 2014, Ryan premiered his second music video for the single "What I'm Living For". For this project, he partnered with HALO Animal Rescue to save the lives of homeless shelter pets. Throughout 2015, Ryan donated 5¢ to the local no-kill animal shelter for every view on YouTube.

Ryan's third music video for "'Til I Believe" in May of 2015 also received attention from animal welfare organizations and media, including a 'thank you' from PETA. The song and video offer an awakening perspective on animals, people and our earth.

In July of 2015, Ryan worked with Grammy Award-winning Producer & Recording Engineer Jeremy Parker to produce his fourth music video "End To The Suffering". The military-themed short film gives a powerful insight into Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

End To The Suffering premiered on Veterans Day, November 11, 2015 at FilmBar Phoenix and was featured at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT in January. Proceeds from the project were donated to Military with PTSD, a non-profit organization and community for Veterans and their families.

The production for Ryan's fifth project "Legacy" took place in November of 2016. Ryan collaborated with award-winning Director Ryan Henry Johnston of Art of War Pictures and the post-team at BT Productions to tell the futuristic story of a barren wasteland that was once Earth. In this music video & short film, Ryan stars as Kale, accompanied by Aria Song as V and Rio McDowell as the Scaler.

Legacy was selected to screen at a number of festivals in 2017 including the Arizona Filmmaker Showcase, Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival and Short Shorts With Short Leash. Legacy also showcased at FilmQuest in Provo, UT and won the Silver Award at the California Film Awards in January of 2018.

Ryan is currently back in the studio with Producer/Engineer Jeremy Parker to record his second album The Tragic Hours and has begun pre-production for two new music videos with Director Ryan Henry Johnston. Ryan is grateful for all of the support from his family, friends and fans. To learn more about Ryan Tree or to receive updates on new music, shows and events, please visit the official Ryan Tree Facebook.

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