Ryan Tree is raising the bar in 2017. We are hard at work recording our second album The Tragic Hours at Premier Studios in Phoenix, Arizona. Grammy Award-winning Producer & Recording Engineer Jeremy Parker takes the lead with a vision to redefine the independent scene through his experience recording major label artists.

In addition to spending the next few months in the studio, we have also wrapped production on our fifth music video & short film "LEGACY". We are excited to be working with talented Director Ryan Henry Johnston of Art of War Pictures and the post-team at BT Productions. Last year's short film "End To The Suffering" found placement at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. We hope to reach new heights with this year's project.

Ryan Tree continues to deliver one of the most original alternative rock sounds in Arizona. With a passion to support the community and determination to create music with a purpose, Ryan Tree sets out to make a difference in the lives of many. If you haven't yet, please connect with us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and subscribe on YouTube. Thank you to our devoted fans for being a part of this journey.


​I had the pleasure of visiting HALO Animal Rescue to deliver the first quarterly donation of the year. In exactly 3 months, we've received over 15K views on the "What I'm Living For" music video and at 5¢ per view, we've raised $762 for HALO's shelter pets! Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen!

As promised, I would like to show you how we are making a difference for homeless animals in Arizona. $762 is enough to cover spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, medical care, and licensing for 11 dogs. HALO was kind enough to take photos of me with a few of these dogs, all of which are currently available for adoption here:

Please share and continue to spread the word about the "What I'm Living For" music video to help us reach our $3,000 goal. Let's work together to save more lives!


Thank you to all the Ryan Tree supporters who purchased, listened, or promoted the new album Illusions. Just when the news couldn't get more exciting, I have yet another announcement. The official music video for "What I'm Living For" will be released on Wednesday, December 10th and I will be donating 5¢ for every view on YouTube to HALO Animal Rescue, a no-kill animal care facility in Phoenix, Arizona. All funds raised through this project will help to pay for vaccinations, spays, neuters, bedding, toys, and more. Our goal is 60k views for the "What I'm Living For" music video which equates to a $3,000 donation. By viewing and sharing the music video, you will become a part of our mission and help to save the lives of animals in need.

Below is a quick overview of HALO Animal Rescue:

"Our commitment goes beyond just caring for the animals within our shelter, we are working to create a better welfare system for all the animals in this community. With just under 100,000 dogs and cats entering Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and the Arizona Humane Society's shelters each year and approximately only half of these pets leaving the shelters alive, we've got our work cut out for us; but we feel it is critical to continue to nurture relationships with other welfare agencies to create life-saving strategies so we can all fully utilize our available resources to save as many lives as possible."

Throughout the first year, I will be posting updates as to how the donations are positively changing the lives of dogs and cats. I had the pleasure of touring the HALO facility and it is wonderful place. Members of the organization take great care of these animals with clean/comfortable indoor and outdoor living quarters, sweaters and blankets for the dogs, and soft music playing to keep pets calm. HALO also works with organizations including PetSmart and Petco to promote dog and cat adoption. I am grateful to work with fellow animal lovers and hope you join me by helping to change lives through music. Keep an eye out for the "What I'm Living For" music video on December 10th and please visit http://www.halorescue.org to learn more about HALO Animal Rescue - Helping Animals Live On.


Ryan Tree's debut album Illusions is now available! You can download it on iTunes here:


You can also listen to the album for free on YouTube:


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the album and to all the listeners who encourage me to keep writing music!

Ryan Tree Legacy Behind The Scenes
Ryan Tree HALO Animal Rescue


Two years in the studio and we're only days away! Illusions, Ryan Tree's debut album, will be released November 22, 2014. These tracks were recorded and mixed by Jon Weil and Michael "Fearless" Gilbert at Uranus Recording of Tempe and mastered by Jon Weil at Fuzzywallz Mastering. We celebrated last night at the one and only Laguna Suite with a homemade enchilada dinner (made by Jon's girlfriend Danielle), a bottle of champagne, and a final listen to the album. Visit the Ryan Tree Facebook page for a sneak peek at the mastered tracks.


We are plugging away at the studio, on track to complete Ryan Tree’s debut album Illusions in the next few weeks. Years of songwriting, refining, and collaboration have gone into each song, so we are working hard to perfect the sound and instrumentation with these final mixes. Coupled with the album will be a brand new music video for an unreleased single “What I’m Living For” as well as live video performances filmed at Uranus Recording of Tempe.

To promote the album, we shot a few pics to support our “illusion” concept using a smoke machine and the contrast between a black backdrop and an all-white suit.

Ryan is excited for this opportunity to share his vision with friends and fans. Thank you for your support and be on the lookout for more news soon!


That’s a wrap! After 3 full days of filming Ryan Tree’s “What I’m Living For” Music Video, we end the night with a helicopter ride into the sunset. Not a real helicopter of course, but an RC multicopter with an attached GoPro Hero3 camera. You’d be surprised by the quality of video this tiny camera can capture. The highlight of this music video shoot though, was working with such a talented, enthusiastic cast.

Benjamin Richards and his dad Paul joined us for the weekend, as well as dog whisperer Laney Smith and her celebrity pup Beau. In the music video, we portray Benjamin as a young boy who has a tough childhood. His parents just separated and he is looking for a friend. Before he gives up hope, he comes across a stray dog who shares a similar dream. The dog has been roaming the streets of Phoenix, AZ with intentions of finding a new family. The bond that is formed between the boy and the dog is one that may cause you to re-assess your own life and the relationships you value.

The music video was filmed and directed by Davy Berrey. This is the second project he has worked on with Ryan Tree. In 2013, the two co-produced “White Lights,” a post-apocalyptic love story featuring zombies and UFC fighter Seth Baczynski.

Keep an eye out for “What I'm Living For” on Ryan Tree’s new album Illusions, which is scheduled to be released this summer, along with acoustic/live performances at Uranus Recording of Tempe. Stay tuned and thanks to everyone who made this music video possible!


Welcome to the official Ryan Tree website! Whether you're a friend, fan, or visiting for the first time, this is your home for Ryan Tree music, videos, news, and pretty much anything you desire. The website is one of many new things on the way for 2014. Ryan Tree's new album Illusions is scheduled to be released this summer, along with a brand new music video for an unreleased single. Hope you stop by again soon. Enjoy!

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