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HALO Animal Rescue - December, 2014 - December, 2015

​"​Ryan Tree's amazing debut album Illusions"
​by Eric Petersen

Fountain Hills Times - Feature Story - February 24, 2016

Ryan Tree is a fantastic songwriter, singer and musician. His debut album Illusions is an amazing first effort featuring rock-solid songs and a great overall vibe. This is an artist with an authentic, personal musical voice and here at RUST Magazine we – literally – cannot say enough good things about him. But what really makes this artist, and this album special, can be summed up in one phrase: crossover appeal.

We hear great music every day. It’s all we write about, and our critical scale never factors commercial success into what we have to say about someone. There are enough fame-chasing bloggers already and not enough critics concerned with the multitudes of independent artists who make profoundly excellent music, often without reward or recognition. There is more, better music being made every day as tech tools advance and our society adds to our collected musical knowledge. With so much information out there and so many great artists to learn from, there is a whole new generation of musicians like Ryan Tree crafting work at a level of excellence that rivals the “legends” of just a few years ago.

But there is something that makes you take notice of Ryan Tree’s music beyond the music itself. It’s music that cannot be denied greatness and it’s music that has the power to touch and reach people on a global scale. Ryan Tree has lived up to the words of Steve Martin who famously said “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

And you cannot ignore this music. Here at RUST Magazine, we see a shockingly bright future for Ryan Tree. Not only is his music superb purely in itself but it has that special something, that lightning in bottle that immediately suggests enormous possibilities on a commercial scale. His music has individuality yes, but it has that “right” sound to fit into those big genre blocks of music fans where mass success can be achieved. This is an artist with a massive fan base… they just don’t know it yet. His music hits all the right notes for lite rock radio play, film and television licensing and red-state & faith-based community support. It’s anthemic and it just plain rocks.

Ryan Tree is turning the tables on the idea of bigness with his new album Illusions. He has built a concrete foundation that could support a career that reaches the stars. It’s that “big time” combination of the right artist with the right material at the right time that could go all the way. About the best comparison we could make to another artist would be comparing him to a young George Michael. But don’t take our word for it, check him out at http://www.ryantreemusic.com and decide for yourself.

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