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Military with PTSD is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping military and veteran families understand each other and see it from both sides.

About Conceptual Photographer Michelle Engberg

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Phoenix, AZ, October 15, 2015 -- Ryan Tree’s End To The Suffering music video is one of the most important films and campaigns you will watch this year. End To The Suffering is a song & short film forwarded by Ryan Tree, an Arizona based musician, philanthropist and animal welfare activist.

PTSD, otherwise known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, affects about 6 out of 10 men and 5 out of 10 women. End To The Suffering is an empowering single that advocates those afflicted with PTSD who do not have the resources or means to find help.

“I hope to do more than scratch the surface of PTSD. The impact goes deeper than an anxiety disorder. Those who protect our country pay a price their entire lives. PTSD leads to broken families, addiction, and homelessness. Through music, I am determined to inspire others by lending my support and understanding. I believe this video will open eyes and hearts.” - Ryan Tree, Musician & Activist

End To The Suffering tells the harrowing narrative of a single father and Veteran with PTSD who is struggling to raise his son. Not only did the creative process involve a true story of a Veteran with PTSD, but Veterans contributed on set with the crew and they are featured in the film. End To The Suffering sends a special message since it comes straight from those who are affected by PTSD.

"This production definitely took care to include affected Veterans. But even more so, some of these Veterans and families are currently struggling with PTSD. From Volk Lopez, our combat choreographer who has been affected by PTSD, to Sheila and Myrsadyse, a mother and daughter who lost their husband and father, this was a production that understood the fragility of the subject matter." - Director

End To The Suffering was an immersive production that carefully integrated the pain, suffering and passionate journey of people we interact with every day. Ryan’s song is written well, capturing this journey through compelling lyrics and a powerful voice. The song was engineered by Grammy Award winning producer, Jeremy Parker, who helped to shape the hard rock sound.

This project will be giving back to Veterans through carefully selected organizations that provide resources for those with PTSD. Ryan Tree is passionate about raising awareness and funds for Veterans using donation and non-profit channels. This is an opportunity for our community and our country to make a difference. A live premiere of End To The Suffering will take place at FilmBar in downtown Phoenix, Arizona on Veterans Day, November 11, 2015 at 8pm.

"Ascension" Promo Photoshoot by Michelle Engberg

Michelle Engberg
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Military with PTSD
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Follow Michelle:

Military With PTSD was started by Shawn J. Gourley in Aug. 2010 as a place to launch her book "The War At Home." Shawn wanted to help spouses prepare for when the soldiers came home and give them a understanding of what could really happen. But as the page grew it has turned into a support group for everyone who is affected by PTSD. The future goals of the organization include providing resources and support to help those in need.

Military with PTSD mission is to improve and protect the lives of people living with PTSD, which includes both veterans and all family members. Military with PTSD offers both peer support and peer education through connection to others who really do understand and can relate. On the page, nobody sugarcoats any aspect of PTSD including the domestic violence that can happen. Shawn sees that the only way to achieve this mission is through three key components. They are:

1. We have to educate families so they know what to expect and be prepared if PTSD comes to their home.

2. We need to set up all Veterans Courts to allow domestic violence cases.

3. We need to educate law enforcement so they understand and recognize PTSD behavior.

Shawn's vision is to raise awareness and help support veterans, spouses, and family members with PTSD in coping methods, treatments, and providing peer-to-peer support. 

Since its beginning, the page has brought better than 20,000 service members, veterans, spouses, and family members; helped them to overcome the stigma of PTSD; and worked to provide support to all persons in need. 

We are not a treatment center. We are a peer-to-peer support organization only.
Nothing we discuss here can be considered as medical advice. Always check with your doctor.

Together, we are working to bring the suicide rate of down because one life lost to PTSD is TOO MANY.

Since her debut in 2011 as a professional photographer, Michelle has shot for world-renowned advertisement brands such as Hapari, Johnston & Murphy, Neman Marcus, Trask and Chevrolet. Michelle also has been published in numerous publications  including her most recent in Dark Beauty Magazine, Valley Hype Magazine, AZ Foothills Magazine, Level 25 Art Journal, Runway Magazine, and Institute Magazine.

In 2013, the Raw Organization nominated her for Fine Art Photographer of the Year. Michelle admits to having “dabbled in art since she can remember.” As a child growing up on the streets of New York, exploring the city’s abundant multicultural neighborhoods inspired a great deal of her work.

​In 2014 Visionary Artist, Michelle L. Engberg, co-created the photography and web design of A Shared Path blog with Alana Helapitage local Poet/Author and got the front cover of Level 25 Magazine with a featured artist spread. She’s built an impressive repertoire as a conceptual Fine Art Photographer, and continues to flourish creatively and spiritually.

Michelle is eager to show her Fine Art pieces in more galleries; she is currently working on submissions to galleries in around the world. She also plans to donate a portion of her income to fund free youth art programs in her community. Finally in 2015 Michelle will be I'm barking on a new journey in teaching inspirational and technical Photography and editing workshops in Arizona and other states.

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Local Valley Artist Ryan Tree Campaigns for Veterans with PTSD

End To The Suffering
Proceeds donated to
Military with PTSD